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Protection of Famous Trademarks in Europe - Chapter 44 - International Intellectual Property Law & Policy - Volume 2

Author: Hugh C. Hansen, Editor
Page Count: 18
Media Desc: PDF from "International Intellectual Property Law & Policy - Volume 2"
File Size: 89.7 KB

Jochen Pagenberg*


A. Paris Convention and TRIPs Agreement

   Article 6 bis of the Paris Convention1 was included in the Convention with an aim to protect well-known marks abroad which had not been registered in the respective country in order to avoid trademark piracy. In those days the primary concern was to protect the marks for the products for which they were used in the
country of origin.

   Art. 6 bis will be supplemented to a large extent by the new rule of Article 16 (3) of the TRIPs Agreement3, which provides protection of well-known marks also beyond the principle of similarity or the so-called specialty rule. A requirement is, however, that the use of such a mark would "indicate a connection" between the goods of the parties, and that the interests of the owner of the mark "are likely to be damaged by such use."

B. The Development of Case Law on the Protection of Famous Marks

   The protection of trademarks beyond the specialty principle, i.e., beyond the scope of similar products, was granted in the past, if at all, for a small number of famous trademarks or marks having a high reputation.

Table of Contents

Current Developments In European Community Intellectual Property

Chapter 1  Introduction to Part I
   Hugh C. Hansen, Director, Fordham Annual Conference on International Intellectual Property Law and Policy.

Chapter 2  Current Developments in European Community Copyright Law
   Paul Maier, Directorate General XV, Commission of the European Communities.

Chapter 3   Current Developments in European Community Trademark and Patent Law
   Bernhard Posner, Legal Advisor, Directorate General XV, Comission of the European Communities.

Intellectual Property And The Digital Information Highway

Chapter 4   Introduction to Part II
   June M. Besek, Partner, Schwab, Goldberg, Price and Dannay, New York.

Chapter 5   Creating the Global Information Society: Looking Ahead
   Bradford L. Smith, Senior European Attorney, Microsoft, Europe.

Chapter 6   The EC Perspective on the Information Society
   Paul Maier, Directorate General XV, Comission of the European Communities

Chapter 7   The U.S. Perspective on the NII
   Terri Southwick, Attorney-Advisor, Office of Lesiglative and International Affairs, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Chapter 8   The Copyright Office Perspective on the NII
   Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, United States Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.

Chapter 9   U.S. Intellectual Property NII Legislation
   Ralph Oman, Counsel, Dechert Price and Rhoads, Washington, D.C.

Chapter 10   Intellectual Property and the GII: An Evolutionary Revolution
   Joel Reidenberg, Professor of Law, Fordham University

Chapter 11   Panel Dicussion and Questions for Speakers

Implementation Of The Gatt Patent Provisions In The United States

Chapter 12   Introductory Remarks and Discussion of Jap Auto Products v. BBS (Parallel Imports)
   Harold C. Wegner, Professor of Law, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Chapter 13   U.S. Term Extension and Provisional Application Provisions of the Final Rules from the Patent Office
   Lois Boland, Attorney, Office of Legislative and International Affairs, United States Patent Office.

Chapter 14   GATT/WTO Practice Changes in the United States
   Colin G. Sandercock, Partner, Foley and Lardner, Washington, D.C; Harold C. Wegner, Professor of Law, George Washington University National Law Center.

Chapter 15   The New American International First Inventor System
   Harold C. Wegner, Professor of Law, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Biotechnology And Patent Law:
Recent Developments In Europe And The United States

Chapter 16   Intellectual Property Law in the Biotechnology Arena: Recent Developments in the United States
   Eric C. Woglom, Partner, Fish and Neave, New York. Margaret A. Pierri, Partner, Fish and Neave, New York

Chapter 17   A Biotechnology Update: Recent Developments in Europe
   Hans-Rainer Jaenichen, Partner, Vossius and Partners, Munich, Germany.

Chapter 18   Legal and Ethical Issues in Intellectual Property Protection of Human Genome Research
   Ralph Oman, Counsel, Dechert Price and Rhoads, Washington, D.C.

Conflicts Of Law And International Intellectual Property

Chapter 19   Emerging Conflict of Law Issues in Private International Copyright Law
   Jon A. Baumgarten, Partner, Proskauer, Rose, Goetz and Mendelsohn LLP, Washington, D.C.

Chapter 20   Current Trends in Interlocutory Injunction Proceedings Relating to Patent Cases in Europe
   Tilman Vossius, Attorney at Law, Munich.

Alternative Dispute Resolution In Intellectual Property

Chapter 21   Alternate Dispute Resolution in Intellectual Property Disputes
   Francis Gurry, Director, WIPO Arbitration Center, World Intellectual Property Organization.

Chapter 22   Getting a Dispute into the ADR Process
   David W. Plant, Partner, Fish and Neave, New York.

Chapter 23   International Arbitration in Continental Europe: A Comparative Outlook
   François Dessemontet, Professor of Law, Universities of Lusanne and Fribourg.

Chapter 24   Alternate Dispute Resolution: A Japanese Perspective
   Tadashi Ishikawa, Partner, Oh-ebashi Law Office, Osaka, Japan.

Chapter 25   Some U.S. Approaches to International Arbitration and Mediation
   James H. Carter, Partner, Sullivan and Cromwell, New York

Chapter 26   International Cultural and Legal Considerations in Using American ADR Concepts
   Whitmore Gray, Professor of Law, University of Michigan

Intellectual Property Developments In Mexico And Latin America

Chapter 27   Overview of Intellectual Property Developments in Latin America
   Allan S. Pilson, Partner, Ladas and Parry, New York.

Chapter 28   Intellectual Property Developments in the Andean Pact
   José Barreda, Partner, Barreda Moller Abogados, Lima, Peru and Professor of Law, Universidad de Lima

Chapter 29   Intellectual Property Developments in the MERCOSUR
   Ernesto O'Farrell, Partner, Marval, O'Farrell and Nairal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Chapter 30   Intellectual Property, NAFTA, TRIPs and Mexican Law
   Horacio Rangel-Ortiz, Partner, Uhthoff, Gomez Vega and Uhthoff, S.C. Mexico City.

The Interplay Of Intellectual Property With Competition Law In The EC And Antitrust Law In The U.S.

Chapter 31   The Draft of a New EC Group Exemption for Technology Licensing
   Valentine Korah, Emeritus Professor Competition Law, University College London.

Chapter 32   New Signposts for the Intersection of Intellectual Property and the Antitrust Laws in the U.S.
   Richard J. Gilbert, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Antitrust Division of U.S. Department of Justice.

Chapter 33   A Comparison of the EC and U.S. Proposals Relating to the Antitrust Treatment of Technology Licensing Agreements
   Christopher Bright, Partner, Linklaters and Paines, London.

Chapter 34   Comments on the Draft EC Block Exemption
   F. Enrique Gonzalez Diaz, Commission of the European Communities

Chapter 35   Magill, "A Famous Victory"? Third Party Access to Intellectual Property Rights
   Ian S. Forrester, Professor of European Law, Glasgow University and Partner, Forrester Norall and Sutton, Brussels

Copyright Law

Chapter 37   The United States Copyright Office: New Directions in Substance and Procedure
   Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.

Chapter 38   The TRIPs Agreement and EC Copyright Law
   Andreas Reindl, Research Institute for European Affairs, University of Economics, Vienna.

Chapter 39   The EC Directive on the Term of Protection of Copyright and Related Rights
   Gerald Dworkin, Herbert Smith Professor of European Law, King's College, University of London.

Chapter 40   The Impact of EC Directives on the Distribution of Copyrighted Works
   Bernard R. Sorkin, Senior Counsel, Time Warner, New York.

Chapter 41   Back from the Dead: Restoration in the U.S. of Copyright Protection for Foreign Works Under GATT
   Eric J. Schwartz, Former General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office.

Trademark Law

Chapter 42   Implementation of the EC Trademark Directive in Member States: A Look at the New Laws
   Massimo Introvigne, Jacobacci and Perani, Torino, Italy.

Chapter 43   Repackaging and the Gray Market in the EC: Does Ideal Standard Provide New Hope for Trademark Owners?
   Ian S. Forrester, Partner, Forrester Norall and Sutton. Anne Nielsen, Partner, Foresster Norall and Sutton.

Chapter 44   Protection of Famous Trademarks in Europe
   Jochen Pagenberg, Attorney-at-Law, Munich.

Chapter 45   Appellations of Origin and Geographic Indications in U.S. Law After NAFTA and GATT
   Marshall Leaffer, Anderson-Fornoff Professor of Law, University of Toledo
Patents, Industrial Design And Petty Patents

Chapter 46   The Proposed EC Industrial Design Directive and Regulation: An Update and Analysis
   Bernhard Posner, Commission of the European Communities, Directorate General XV.

Chapter 47   Petty Patent Protection
   John Richards, Partner, Ladas and Parry, New York.

Chapter 48   Industrial Designs and Utility Models Under the European Communities' Proposed Initiatives: A Critical Appraisal
   J.H. Reichman, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University

Chapter 49   Patentability of Software at the European Patent Office
   Robert J. Hart, Chartered Patent Agent and Computer Consultant, United Kingdom.

Chapter 50   Patentability of Software in the U.S.
   Frank E. Morris, Partner Pennie and Edmonds, New York.

Chapter 51   The Extraterritorial Effect of U.S. Process Patents
   Hugh C. Barrett, Partner, Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper and Scinto, New York.

Author Detail

About the Editor:
Hugh C. Hansen, Professor of Law and Director, Fordham University School of Law, International Intellectual Property Law and Policy Institute.

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